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Is Therapy Right For Me?


Is Therapy Right For Me?

People often report various reasons for coming into counseling.  They include comments like, “I felt I had no one to talk to anymore and didn’t want to keep burdening my family,” or “I can’t concentrate and function well at work anymore, these issues are just overriding all my thoughts,” or “I can’t seem to stop feeling down, discouraged, depressed or anxious.” Some key factors to consider when thinking about reaching out for help would be, to what extent are the things you are struggling with affecting your quality of sleep, appetite, family or other relationships and ability to function at work?  And to what extent have you been feeling down or anxious on a daily basis?  In either case, if your answer reflects a level greater than “somewhat,” it may be a good idea to consider speaking to a therapist.

People benefit from therapy when they are struggling to sort out their feelings regarding a specific, or various issues, and when they are experiencing difficulty addressing the problems they have identified that are affecting their quality of life in negative ways.

Typically, in the context of relationship problems, people have been struggling for a long period of time and show up in counseling when they no longer see a way out of the problems they are experiencing.  Also, people show up in counseling when they are clear about their feelings but fearful of the consequences of making changes in their lives and so they feel stuck.

I wish everybody could experience therapy every once in a while because the benefits are numerous. Therapy provides an opportunity to get clear about your thoughts, feelings, interests, and objectives in the context of relationships and other aspects of your life.  It’s a great way to gain clarity about where you’re at, what is in your way, and how to navigate to where you would like to be.  People often report feeling a greater sense of encouragement, capability, and empowerment to achieve their goals at the end of their sessions.

If you aren’t sure whether therapy is right for you, let’s chat.

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