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I Don’t Wanna Feel Like This Anymore


I Don’t Wanna Feel Like This Anymore

Woman looking stressed with hands on her headDepression is characterized by a cluster of symptoms that co-occur. Disturbed sleep, disturbed appetite, disturbed concentration, feeling sad/down/low/agitated/hopeless/empty, periods of crying, a lack of pleasure in activities that one normally would feel pleasure, and more concerning are thoughts of not wanting to live/wanting to die. Almost any one symptom alone would not indicate depression, but some of these symptoms occurring on their own is of concern.  Ultimately no one wants to feel this way. The one symptom that should be taken seriously, indicates a high level of concern and must be addressed and evaluated by a mental health professional immediately is thoughts of suicide. If you or anyone you know has or has expressed this should be, please contact your therapist, nearest mental health facility, or call or text 988. There are many factors that contribute to depression, such as circumstantial issues in life that are disappointing, unwanted, upsetting and challenging. This could be in the form of loss or problematic relationship dynamics. Depression can also result from a history of trauma or other mental health issues that themselves, left untreated or re-emerge, create a level of distress that can look like or become depression. Rarely does depression occur from no identifiable stressor(s) whether the stressor(s) are from the present or past issues that are re-emerging in some way.  As a result, people with depression have great potential to relief with the support of a mental health professional. The bottom line is, you don’t have to feel this way anymore. Therapists are trained mental health professionals that use various clinical/therapeutic approaches in individual therapy  to help you explore and understand the factors contributing to your depression and identify effective ways to address and overcome these factors. Therapy will help! On occasion, a psychiatric evaluation/medication may be recommended to supplement the therapeutic process when therapy alone isn’t sufficient to address all the symptoms presenting or if symptoms are persisting beyond the expected course of treatment. It takes a level of self awareness, investment in wellness and self care, courage, and skill to reach out for help!  And when you are ready, we are here to help and would  be honored to participate in supporting your journey to mental health. -My Counseling Connections (954) 477-7455

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