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How Marriage Counseling and Couples Therapy Can Help Me Now

Couples often seek out counseling when they are struggling with effective communication, conflict resolution, hurts or emotional injuries, a sense of betrayal or estrangement from their partner, and relational dynamics that are challenging to deal with, such as with step-children, or new son/daughter/mother/father in-laws. There may be layers to the work we do together in […]

How Do We Tell Our Kids We Are Getting A Divorce?

The most common question I get from parents divorcing is “when and how do we tell the kids about our divorce?”. Assuming this might be one of your questions, I have some pointers, recommendations, and valuable resources I would like to share. When/how to tell the kids? How: Tell them together if possible: Ideally if […]

What To Do When You’re Depressed After Divorce

Man sitting on bench with his hands on his head

Feeling low after a divorce? Has the emotional weight of the last few months caught up with you? The onset of depression after a divorce is a common experience shared equally between partners. While depression may show itself in different ways, professionals agree that most partners experience some symptoms of depression after a divorce is […]

The Collaborative Divorce Process: A Six-Legged-Race

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Clients want a divorce to be as efficient and effective as is possible. Of course we want this in most things we do.  Clients also want to protect their children as much as possible from the effects of divorce.  The Collaborate divorce process is a newer alternative dispute resolution process that incorporates a multidisciplinary team of professionals […]

The Role and Function of the Facilitator in a Collaborative Divorce Process

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Many people come into the Collaborative Divorce Process not really knowing much about how the process works or the roles of each professional.  The Collaborative Process is a series of team meetings where specific tasks and objectives are addressed in order to resolve all aspects and issues related to a family in transition.  In preparation […]

Divorce: What About The Kids?

Upset little girl with parents arguing in background

While divorce can be very stressful for adults, it is often the children who suffer as a result of this major disruption in their lives. It is important to know that each child reacts differently to their parents’ divorce. Some suffer from extreme anger or destructive behaviors, while others experience emotional sensitivity or guilt. Some […]

Divorcing Smoothly when children are involved

For most people, parents going through a divorce is one of the toughest things having to deal with. Whether the divorce took place years ago or is happening right now, many kids and teens tend to feel alone and unsure on how to cope with the divorce. Parents, on the other hand, are constantly looking […]

Talking About Infertility with Family and Friends

Young women in therapy

It happened – a family member, coworker, or friend announced that they were pregnant. You sincerely congratulated them but spent the next 24 hours crying. They did not know that you were trying to get pregnant. A family member asked you at a family gathering when you are going to have a baby. They did […]

Protecting ​Your​ Kids When Facing Divorce

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Getting divorced is HARD. Although we would like to manage all things in life with stability and resilience there are many times through a divorce that even the most stable, positive, strong individuals are vulnerable and will experience the ups and downs of emotions. Divorce is a process of grieving and part of this grieving […]