Survival Tool Kit for Maintaining Sobriety

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From addiction to sobriety it is a challenging journey with various milestones along the way. It involves maintaining a state of no intoxication and needs your focus and investment of all your energy to succeed. It is easy to give in to temptation and therefore, you need to find a way to replace the bad […]

Talking About Infertility with Family and Friends

Young women in therapy

It happened – a family member, coworker, or friend announced that they were pregnant. You sincerely congratulated them but spent the next 24 hours crying. They did not know that you were trying to get pregnant. A family member asked you at a family gathering when you are going to have a baby. They did […]

Facing Life Transitions


You can expect that life will throw you curveballs. Some you might expect or happily welcome, sometimes you might plan to bring changes upon yourself and sometimes we are hit with situations we had no preparation to deal with. (Like in divorce: there are those that have been ready for a while and initiate the […]

Why Practice Mindfulness

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Mindfulness is a “practice of focusing the mind in the present moment, on purpose, and in a nonjudgemental way.” (A definition taken from Jon Kabat Zinn). Another way to put it is to say mindfulness is becoming aware, paying attention to what is happening right here and now without judging your experience. But how do […]

Let’s Go for a Walk: How Regular Exercise Can Aid Mental Health

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By now, most of us know that exercise offers numerous health benefits. From maintaining an ideal weight, to reducing the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and osteoporosis, moving our body every day improves the length and quality of our lives. But not all of us recognize just how important exercise is to our mental health. Beyond […]

Emotional Strategies For Navigating Divorce

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When we experience the ending of a relationship, we are dealing with loss and begin to grieve all that we had and all that we were planing to have in our lives. Facing a divorce can be overwhelming, scary and destabilizing at times. You will likely experience these and many other emotions as you go […]

Pain vs. Suffering: A Path To Healing

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There is a difference between pain and suffering… Which one seems worse to you?  Most people say, suffering and I would agree.  The difference between pain and suffering is that those who suffer are unwilling to accept the reality of their pain.  They are stuck in denial, wishing, or choosing not to, or not allowing themselves to […]

Mindfulness and Mindful Practice

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Mindfulness is not a new concept or practice, however it seems to be more popular these days.  I first learned about mindfulness in 2004 when I was trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy.  It is one of the core skills that needs to be learned and taught in that approach.  From the training until now, I […]

What Is Emotional Self Care?

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I recently had a client ask me, “what really is emotional care? what does that mean?” What it means to me is quite a few things… Firstly, emotional care means taking care of your biological and physical needs.  Specifically sleep hygiene, eating well, and exercise.  If your not getting enough sleep on a daily basis and […]

Changing Your Negative Self-Talk

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We all have negative self-talk at one point or another.  Some seem to experience it more than others.  I think that usually has to do with one’s environment in which they learned these tendencies.  But there is an emotional consequence to negative self-talk, which of course you can guess is negative feelings.  Most of the time […]