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Struggling To Cope With The Overwhelming Emotions That Follow Divorce?

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Struggling To Cope With The Overwhelming Emotions That Follow Divorce? 

Has the end of your marriage left you grieving? Are you and your partner planning to go your separate ways, but you’re not sure how to do it peacefully? Do you feel overwhelmed by concerns surrounding money and other resources spent during the divorce process? 

Perhaps you and your partner struggle with a breakdown in communication that makes it impossible for you to see eye to eye. Or maybe the intensity of your conflicts has gotten to a point where it has begun affecting your children’s well-being.  

Throughout this process, what you desire most is to avoid conflict and protect your emotional well-being (and that of your kids) as much as you can. You can rest assured that this is possible. 

Divorce Can Greatly Impact Your Mental Health 

Though everyone’s experience with divorce is unique, it is common to face various emotions before, during, and after the process. 

You may be experiencing ambivalence, anxiety, insomnia, depression, fear, or worry. Perhaps you struggle to concentrate, which has significantly impacted your performance at work. You’ve probably built up resentment towards your spouse/ex because of how disappointed, betrayed, insecure, or lonely they made you feel. 

Fortunately, whether you’re considering divorce, in the midst of one, or already dealing with the after-effects My Counseling Connections is here to help. We’ll provide you with the support and guidance you need to manage your emotions during this difficult time. We offer therapy for both individuals and couples navigating divorce.  

Divorce Is A Reality For Many Couples 

Approximately 50 percent of first-time marriages end in divorce, and the rate increases with second and third-time marriages. So you could consider that average applied to everyone you know and anticipate that, on average, half will get divorced in their lifetime. (1) 

Conflict is a normal and inevitable part of any marriage. Healthy conflict can promote efficient communication, enhance intimacy, and improve problem-solving. However, there is a difference between healthy conflict and situations where one partner is continuously disrespected, abused, or enduring significant emotional or physical strain. When conflict crosses the line into these harmful behaviors, divorce is a safe and realistic option.  

A Lack Of Commitment Is A Major Contributor To Divorce 

When one partner begins to divert their time, resources, and emotional energy elsewhere, it can weaken the foundation of the relationship. This lack of commitment can manifest in different ways, like having an affair, neglecting the other person’s emotional needs, and prioritizing personal interests over the relationship. Over time, these factors can lead to trust issues and create a sense of distance and dissatisfaction, making divorce a likely outcome. 

Divorce is a complex and emotionally challenging process. Thankfully, our experienced therapists at My Counseling Connections can teach you how to navigate divorce peacefully, amicably, and with everyone’s best interests in mind. 

Couple sitting on a couch talkingDivorce Therapy Can Help You Heal From The Loss Of Your Relationship 

When you’re in the midst of a divorce and you know there’s no going back, it’s normal to grieve the connection you once had. Therapy provides an outlet for you to process your feelings of loss and all the associated emotions. With us, you are given a safe space where you can share your frustrations, sorrows, regrets, and even joys.   

With the help of a gentle, compassionate specialist who is trained to work with divorced couples, you can better understand all the options available to you, as well as the pros and cons of each step you take. Whether you’re seeking pre-divorce counseling or post-divorce counseling, we’ll give you appropriate strategies for navigating separation while protecting your family along the way. 

What To Expect During Divorce Counseling 

Divorce counseling looks different from couple to couple. If we’re doing therapy with just you, we will create a treatment plan that suits your individual needs and goals. But if you and your spouse or ex are doing therapy together, we will meet with each of you separately for the first session. 

After we’ve assessed your needs and perspectives, we will meet with both of you together and map out a treatment plan that works for everyone involved. We understand that this isn’t always easy—after all, you and your ex probably have plenty of disagreements. Thankfully, our counselors are used to working with couples in conflict. We’ll give you skills for regulating intense emotions and help both of you work toward acceptance and closure. 

Our Approach To Divorce Counseling 

We use a wide array of modalities in divorce counseling, including 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which helps you identify and address problematic thoughts and behaviors and offers strategies for broadening your perspective. Whether you choose to stay in your relationship or pursue a divorce, CBT can help you envision a positive future for yourself and take steps to achieve it.  

Family Systems helps us collaboratively explore the ways that people in your close circle or support network reinforce helpful behaviors or unhelpful behaviors. This process allows you to learn how to better manage your emotions while fostering a deeper awareness of yourself and those around you. 

Psychoeducation is a vital component of counseling that provides you with valuable information about the divorce process and resources for navigating it. We can share information about available community resources that you may not have been aware of, such as support groups or legal aid organizations. This can help you make informed decisions and handle the divorce process effectively. 

Our therapists also practice sensitivity, as we continue to train ourselves in trauma-informed care. If trauma-related issues are impacting your well-being we may refer you for specialized care, giving you the chance to heal from the pain of the past.  

No matter what approach we draw from, our ultimate goal in divorce counseling is to help you and your ex work through this difficult time in a way that benefits both of you.  

Perhaps You Are Considering Divorce Counseling But Still Have Some Questions… 

Will counseling really help me through this difficult time? 

Counseling helps thousands of people daily. The decisions and outcomes that arise from therapy can benefit your financial, familial, and relational security. We know It is hard to have an objective perspective when you are immersed in a tumbleweed of emotions. Thankfully, counseling gives you the tools you need to address your frustrations and concerns and provides you with effective, evidence-based methods to heal from the pain of divorce. 

How much will it cost me to work with a divorce therapist? 

Fees for divorce support vary from one therapist to the next. In our practice, fees range from $140 to $325 depending on the clinician and the kind of support you are looking for. We offer therapy, coaching co-parenting counseling, parenting coordination, Collaborative Facilitation, and Family Mediation. The additional factor that affects the cost of divorce support has to do with mental health issues that may affect your ability to heal from divorce. Regardless of your situation, your therapist will work with you to provide the best care and support to help you move forward when your marriage ends.  

Will my counselor judge me for my decisions or actions during the divorce process? 

We are not here to judge your actions, decisions, or thought processes. We’re here to learn about your worldview, understand your concerns, and support you throughout the separation process. We offer a safe nonjudgmental space in which you can process your emotions and work towards healing. 

Couple sitting on a couch taking their wedding rings offLet Us Help You Separate Peacefully  

Stress and fear surrounding the divorce process no longer have to control you. My Counseling Connections can help you work towards acceptance and closure and achieve peace of mind before, during, or after divorce. 

Please call (954) 477-7455 and schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation or if you have more questions or queries, you can email us, too 



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