Family Mediation & Co-Mediation

Are you facing a divorce and know there are things your both agree on and some things you don’t? Are you concerned about the potential financial hardship that hiring an attorney may cause? Do you need to create a plan for your children and how they will share time between you and your ex-spouse? Are there divorce matters that you need to discuss with your spouse but you cannot find effective ways to do it? I am here to help.

Financial and family law matters are not void of emotional challenges and consequences. As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, a Collaborative Facilitator, and Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator, I bring a unique skill set to the mediation process. I am keenly focused on reading emotional cues and de-escalating conflict that can hinder communication and the resolution of client’s family matters. Because of my background and training I am able to facilitate better communication between clients in a group dynamic and am focused on assisting clients in finding mutually acceptable resolutions to their often conflicting interests. ​

As an additional option, I have joined forces with a few very experienced family attorneys who are certified family mediators in order to be able to offer co-mediation. This is a unique type of process that can enhance and improve your ability to address and resolve all family matters that need to be addressed. As a supportive team in co-mediation, and with our unique skill sets and knowledge, we can help you achieve a more comfortable and satisfying resolution to your divorce with sustainable results.

For some people having a mediator is sufficient to resolve their marital/family disputes, while for others the value of utilizing a multidisciplinary team as in Co-mediation or the Collaborative approach enhances the efficiency and durability of their divorce process and may be more appropriate. I am happy to offer or discuss these options with you.

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